Welcome to NextGen Show Wethers

Jonathan, Angelle and Kayla Lippert would like to welcome you to Lippert Family Farm, home of NextGen Show Wethers. The Farm started out as Lippert Family Farm with commercial goats and sheep. The commercial side of the farm sells cuts of lamb and goat at local farmers markets and farm direct sales. You can usually find Angelle at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market every Saturday. As Kayla started showing Jonathan began the research into producing show wethers that will win at all levels.

2014 was The Birth of Next Gen Show Wethers with the purchase of a select set of does from Billie and Sherri Hall from Oak Ridge Farm in Hamilton, Texas along with the purchase of select doling’s and bread does from Rob, Tina and Sarah-Jane French from S and R Meat Goats in Cumberland, VA. The next step was buying a foundation buck. Many thanks to Bronc Fleming from Fleming Livestock in San Angelo, TX for selling us “99” Pistol Whip x Disco x Patron (dam is Smash Mouths flush mate). He will be deeply rooted into our program.

Our primary focus is producing that next generation of show wethers that are correct, heavy muscled, level hip, and barrel rib that are easy to feed and will win shows. Customer focus is big to us and we will stand behind the sales we make and help any way we can.


Middle Weight Reserve Grand Champion

Pennsylvanian State Farm show
Shown By Jaden Bushmire
Sired by "99"

5th Place Wether Dame Class

Shown by Kayla Lippert
Sired by "99"

Light Weight Division Champion

West Virginia ST Fair
Shown by Brianna Poling
Sired by "99"

Grand Champion Market Animal

Grand Champion Market Wether
Erie county fair ABGA open meat goat show #1
Shown by Shannon LaDuca
Sired by "99"

Over All Reserve Grand Champion

Erie County Fair NY 4-H
Shown By Loretta Lippert
Sired by "99"

Over All Grand Champion Market Goat

Erie county fair NY 4-H.
Shown by Shannon LaDuca
Sired by "99"

Highly Commended

Erie County Fair NY 4-H
Shown by Bobby Sue Lippert
Sired by Avenger

Over All Reserve Grand Champion

Orange County fair VA.
Shown by Moman Ali
Sired by "99"

Light Weight Division Champion

Louisa county fair VA
Shown by Matthew Woolfolk
Sired by "99"

Reserve Champion Lightweight Commercial Doe

Virginia ST fair
Shown by Tiffany Heishman
Sired by "99"



191 x Bean (612 Son)

Thanks to Helms Show Goats for allowing us to own such a genetic giant. This is one big topped, hard handling, massive boned dude. This guy is good coming at you and going away. He is structurally sound, level topped, long necked, and barrel ribbed. He will make them wide in the pin set, wide tracking, and cool to look at. This one is dead level from the point of his shoulder to his tail set. He is blown apart in the front end, yet really good in his blades. He carries a big ole rack deep over the ribs and has a gorgeous groove running down the center of his back. We at NextGen feel this buck is just what our program needs.


Pistol Whip x Disco x Patron
(dam is Smash Mouths flush mate)

Thank you to Bronc Fleming for allowing us to buy this awesome buck. “99” brings us a complete package that will provide us with the foundation we need. With his great rib shape, heavy muscle, tight hide he has that NextGen look we are after. Looking forward to his kids early 2015.



New Element is our 2015 keeper buck, We bought a bred doe from S and R Meat Goats in the fall of 2014 and when she kidded we knew we had a keeper. New Element offers a huge center rib and perfect outward curvature to his cage yet still offers a shallow look from the profile, He has his Dams Sire (Natural Disaster) massive wide loin in him. We feel confident New Element will compliment our doe base nicely. Thank you S and R Meat Goats for allowing us to buy New Elements dam.